Welcome note from the Chairperson

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On behalf of the team, I would personally like extend a very warm welcome to you and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Inala Africa was founded on the values of integrity, innovation, trust and extraordinary ways of serving our members. These values require each one of us at Inala Africa to be cut from a different cloth from everyone else in the financial innovation industry and this means serving our members brilliantly and delivering innovative and empowering services and products in a certain special way. We believe in upholding our values without faltering – this is an ideal we pursue every day and not an end be reached.

At Inala Africa, we have a clear vision: to be the most trusted and admired digital social innovation financial empowerment company serving community members in South Africa and neighbouring countries by 2022.

In order to achieve this ambitious vision we firmly believe in our strategy of delivering extraordinary value through social innovation, continuously horning our expertise in our field and delivering on our strategic commitments. We strongly believe that our ambitious vision is within reach. Our focused strategy guides us in our endeavor to achieve this vision.

Our strategy is informed by current and future trends we see shaping the financial services industry in general and in particular the communities that we are working with in different areas of South Africa. This in turn informs the pursuit of long-term sustainable growth and extraordinary value for our members. Our 2022 strategy calls on each one of us at Inala Africa to make the delivery of extraordinary value realizable through well-thought-out strategic focus areas. This, in practice, means every member of the team at Inala Africa is required to demonstrate his or her capabilities to match our ideals as articulated through our values and the overall strategy.

As we look ahead to the next four years, we are convinced that these years will be critical in defining the future of not only Inala Africa as a company but also for our stakeholders as we look for new ways to serve our members and deliver unmatched benefits to them.

It is our foremost goal to ensure that we continue to earn your trust and serve you with unquestionable integrity, as we relentlessly ensure that our commitments are met and that you continue to reap the great benefits of being a member of Inala Africa.

With sincere thanks,

Samson Nkosi