Financial empowerment services

a) Each member of Inala Africa gets a R10 000 burial cover at no cost. This amount can be used to cover any costs associated with a member’s burial. In addition, we arrange transport of the deceased member to anywhere in South Africa through our partners.

b) Members get up to 10% discount on groceries or school supplies when they shop at our selected partner stores.

c) Active participation in a variety of economic activities such as collective saving and acquiring valuable assets at discounted rates.

d) Improving your financial literacy. Inala Africa financial literacy is aimed at empowering each member to develop the skills to plan consistently, live within their means and manage their money in a way that allows them to afford their expenses and achieve their goals. Our financial literacy will be driven through our digital platforms.

Investment services

a) Become thrift and allocate saving in the most socially beneficial manner.

b) Build savings to fund selected investments.

c) Gain access to affordable financial services as a member.

d) Improve and expand access to sustainable and affordable financial services in urban and rural areas in the low-income segments of our communities.

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Lifetime of Financial Prosperity

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