Our core values





Inala Africa is a social innovation financial empowerment not-for-profit company working with communities in South Africa, particularly low-income communities. Inala Africa recruits community members to join as members. The key financial innovation that Inala Africa provides to its members are vital skills, innovative financial empowerment services and products to support members build wealth, achieve financial and economic prosperity.

At Inala Africa, we recognise that we have a pivotal role to play in our communities, to build our communities and raise the standard of living. Our experience and expertise in social innovation and financial empowerment means were are well-positioned to help build resilient, well-informed and prudent community members through financial skills and inclusive financial products and services. We believe in building communities in which people are empowered to shape a prosperous future for themselves and their families, and are empowered to make a meaningful contribution to the local economies in their communities.

We are certain that South Africa can move forward significantly by ensuring that more of our low-income community members are supported to participate actively in the economy of South Africa. This will continue to inform how Inala Africa contributes in building our communities, conducts business and provides meaningful services and products, to support community members to progress and prosper and have therefore committed to investing money, time and skills in community projects that will help our members in their respective different communities.